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Color test "ALL COLOURS OF LIFE" + Bioresonance test "Sensative Imago" - this is an accurate computer diagnostics of human health and successful correction of psychosomatic disorders.
Clinical Psychologist Todor Mylikh
(Master of Psychology)

Color perception is a biophysical indicator of health!

Color is a feature of the eye's perception of different waves of light, which after being perceived by the eye and human brain are converted into color sensations. Scientists have found that sick and healthy people perceive colors very differently and have created the color test "ALL COLOURS OF LIFE".

The test is accessible even to a 4-year-old child: you need to watch a video clip with natural landscapes and after the program changes the colors of the clip, restore the colors from memory to the original.

For example, this is how a person who suffers from Gastritis will restore his color palette:

The color test "ALL COLOURS OF LIFE" (a biophysical model of personal color perception) will show more than 600 parameters of mental and physical health, including the rate of aging and psycho-oncological risks.

Bioresonance is the language the body cells speak!

Each healthy body cell emits an electromagnetic wave of certain physical parameters. Each pathogenic agent (microorganism, allergen, fungus, virus), each disease also emits its own electromagnetic wave.
For example, this is how the electromagnetic characteristics of the COVID19 virus that frightened the whole world look like.
If the virus is present in the human body, the body cells (via Sensitiv Imago) will show its presence in the form of electromagnetic activity graphs.

Biophysical scientists learned to measure these waves long ago and created the Sensitiv Imago bioresonance testing device, which measures the electromagnetic characteristics of pathogenic agents, and LifeStream software analyzes the obtained mathematical data and makes accurate conclusions about human health, as well as neutralizing pathogens.

The more accurate the diagnosis, the clearer the health problem, the more effective the treatment!

Both tests are more than 90% accurate, which is what motivated me to invest more than 65,000 Euros in this software and equipment with which I conduct my professional consultations on psychosomatic diseases for private clients and entrepreneurs.

Using color and bioresonance testing, the medical psychologist is able to deal with even the most complex and confusing health problems of the client.

What diseases are psychosomatic?

The list of diseases of a psychosomatic nature is very large and varied, but it can be grouped as follows:

How to treat psychosomatics and why these diseases are not treated with pills?

Psychosomatic disease is a mental trojan, which I told you in my video, and every person has their own, unique one! Every computer trojan masquerades as a legal software! A mental trojan does the same thing! How does it do that? Very easy!

A mental trojan creates a Pathological Functional System (PFS) in the human body. With its help it affects one of the functional systems of the human body, for example the system which supports normal sleeping. The person's health complaints will come precisely from this system, this means that the person will stop sleeping normally, but the cause will be in the PFS.

In other words, what the mental trojan did? He covered his tracks and led the patient and his doctor on a false path! And left himself in the shadows, covering himself with false symptoms!

Take the free TAS test and learn your psychosomatic risks now!

Quantum medicine or let's get to the cure!

Quantum medicine is a combination of drug-free methods of treatment: laser, infrared, electromagnetic, extremely high frequency and light.

Personal color therapy (color correction)

Personal Color Therapy is a quantum medicine tool, the essence of which consists in viewing a personal color video set on a computer or cell phone.

Light waves of a certain length "erase" PFS (pathological functional system of the body), and by removing it we erase pathological association of neurons in the brain, thus removing the cause of distorted control commands from the brain to the body organs.

This is similar to removing a virus from a computer with the help of anti-virus software. Due to this additional self-regulation resources are activated in the body and the body starts to heal itself, which manifests as a reduction or disappearance of the symptoms of medical disease.

Personal Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance therapy is another tool of quantum medicine. The Sensitiv Imago detects and determines pathogen activity by the combined "responses" of your own organ cells, which it receives through electrodes during testing. The transformed - now healthy - signals are sent back to the body through the same electrodes, providing healthy energy to the body's cells and thus creating a healing effect.

The secret of healing

Color and bioresonance therapy complement each other perfectly. Color therapy reduces stress and restores control commands from the brain to the organs of the body. But the problem is that if an organ is already "diseased," even when control is restored, it will send "wrong" responses to brain commands and will not be able to perform its natural functions normally. Color testing shows whether an organ is "diseased" and how seriously it is diseased. If the organ is at the beginning of the disease, there is a good chance that viewing a personal color correction will cure the organ without medical intervention. The situation is quite different if the organ is seriously "diseased"! Color testing will show this, but in this case medical intervention is already required. Bioresonance therapy successfully replaces the pharmacy pills. It restores the organ at the cellular and tissue level, and the organ begins to "hear and execute" the managerial commands of the brain. That's how healing happens!
Practice shows that the best results from bioresonance therapy can be expected if the impact is made on the organs of the pathological functional system (PFS), which is determined in the process of color testing. Bioresonance testing reveals even hidden or as-yet-unrevealed problems in all organs of the body, but it does not provide information about your personal PFS!
If there is no PFS data, then bioresonance therapy is done on the organs of the body from which the client's complaints come. But this correction scheme will not give the expected healing effect! There will be an effect, but not as much as there could be if done right!
The choice is yours - your health is in your hands!
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