What is bioresonance testing?

Each healthy body cell emits an electromagnetic wave of certain physical parameters. Each pathogenic agent (microorganism, allergen, fungus, virus), each disease also emits its own electromagnetic wave.
    Electromagnetic characteristics
    Electromagnetic characteristics
  • HYPOTHERIOSIS (Thyroid Gland)
    Electromagnetic characteristics
    Bioresonance testing is the determination of electromagnetic characteristics of pathogenic agents: microorganisms, allergens, fungi, viruses, etc.

    Sensitiv Imago 530 measures the electromagnetic characteristics of pathogenic agents, and LifeStream software analyzes the obtained mathematical data and makes accurate conclusions about human health, as well as produces neutralization of pathogens.

    Sensitiv Imago device and LIFESTREEM software

    Spectral standards of healthy organs, spectral standards of diseases, microorganisms and allergens and many other standards (more than 17000!) are registered in the LifeStream database, which enable the most complete analysis of human health.
    LifeStream has no analogues in the world today!
    Testing accuracy of 96%!

    If the software finds pathological frequencies in a person's spectral characteristics, typical for any disease, microorganism or allergen, it shows this data and recommends a scheme of disease correction!

    The device Sensitiv Imago 530 is assembled according to the new European quality management standards 9001.

    It has European certification as a device for monitoring non-vital physiological parameters of the body.

    How does testing happen?

    What will bioresonance testing show?

    Bioresonance can detect and affect pathologies of the digestive and other systems - gastritis, ulcers, colitis, hepatitis; allergies and allergic reactions; cystitis and pyelonephritis, prostatitis, arthritis and rheumatism, neuralgia, migraine, neuritis, radiculitis, insomnia .... the list of diseases is enormous!

    The method determines the condition of the pulmonary, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, genitourinary, digestive and muscular systems. It indicates the coefficient of imbalance between the systems in your body and the rate of your resistance to environmental pathogenic factors. "Decodes" the presence and type of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi in your body.

    It can find the right foods for you, support your health and make you an empowered person.

    The list of body organs and the complete list of information based on the results of the test is several thousand medical indicators. Only a professional can understand this volume of data! I have prepared a summary table of the data for you. You will be very surprised at the depth and quality of the information, combined with the reasonable price of the consultation.

    The main therapeutic effects of bioresonance therapy:

    • improves the functions of all systems and organs of the human body;
    • successfully treats pathogenic agents: bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi;
    • detoxifies the overloaded organism;
    • eliminates inflammatory processes;
    • eliminates pain of different origin;
    • normalizes the microflora of the organs;
    • restores the disturbed functions of the immune and nervous systems;
    • improves the musculoskeletal, urinary, respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive systems of the body;
    • improves the condition of the organs of vision and hearing, as well as the throat;
    • reduces manifestations of allergies;
    • balances the energy levels of the body, and helps the body to cope with problems on its own, without antibiotics or other medications.
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