Bioresonance therapy

Bioresonance therapy is a high-tech way to restore health at the cellular level
Bioresonance therapy stimulates the restoration of the wave characteristics of body cells that have "broken down" under the influence of pathogenic factors, returning them to a healthy state. Sensitiv Imago will detect and determine the activity of pathogenic microorganisms by the combination of "responses" of your own cells, which it receives through the electrodes. The transformed - now healthy - signals are sent back to the body through the same electrodes, providing the body cells with healthy energy and thus creating a healing effect.

Correction (the course lasts 10 sessions) is carried out as follows:

Step 1

Bioresonance therapy / BRT - deep influence, aimed at the most altered painful structures. A kind of "route lane" is formed for reverse (inversion) impact of electromagnetic waves on the patient in a limited area. The cells are regenerated in depth. Toxins are released from them, from which it is necessary to get rid of.

Step 2

Frequency compensation is a superficial healing effect on the surface of the entire diseased organ. There is a harmonization of the functions of this organ, and due to a deeper treatment the toxins from the cells are removed from the body and the functions of the entire organ are restored.

Practice shows that the best results from bioresonance therapy and frequency compensation can be expected if the impact is made on the organs of the pathological functional system (PFS), which is determined in the process of color testing "All colors of life". PFS is the cause of human health problems and all organs of the body can "malfunction" because of it! Bioresonance diagnostics shows even hidden and not yet manifested problems in all organs of the body, but this method does not give information about your personal PFS!

If there is no information about PFS, then bioresonance therapy and frequency compensation is done on the organs of the body from which the client's complaints come, but this correction scheme will not give the full therapeutic effect! The choice is yours - your health is in your hands!

Step 3

Spectronozod. This is an informational wave drug (it contains no medicinal substance!), which is created with the help of LifeStream software.

Creation is done by recording the frequency-wave characteristics of a substance reference from the program's database onto a matrix, such as the sugar balls used in homeopathy.

For example, the client suffers from gastritis. Testing has shown increased Helicobacter pylori activity. It is a spiral Gram-negative bacterium that infects various areas of the stomach and duodenum. Many cases of stomach and duodenal ulcers, gastritis, duodenitis, and stomach cancer are associated with Helicobacter pylori infection. In this case, the client will be recorded a spectrinosode with wave characteristics that "dampen" the wave characteristics of this bacterium. By taking the wave drug, neutralization of the pathogen will occur and the symptoms of gastritis will begin to diminish.

Step 4

Analysis of dietary supplements (pharmacy pills). Sensitiv Imago allows to predict the change of the state of the body after a course of treatment with any drug (even a drug from the pharmacy!). It will also become clear how to use the drug (in what dosage and how many times a day!) for maximum effect.

This tool is not available in any other method of wellness. For example, in the case of Helicobacter pylori, the client is indicated to take Spectrazod in a dose of 3 pellets and only in the morning. In this case, the condition of the stomach will improve by 71%!

Other drug regimens would not be effective!

Step 5

Food analysis. The spectrograms of this group are selected taking into consideration the incompatibility of the most known foods and the individual characteristics of the spectrograms of the blood group of the tested person: particularly useful products, neutral products and products, the use of that should be avoided.

Thus, the client receives a personalized scheme for the correction of health problems. Working according to this scheme, in 70-90% of cases it is possible to achieve satisfactory results and significantly reduce, and often get rid of the symptoms of even serious illnesses that have plagued the client for many years.

Bioresonance is a method of health correction without antibiotics for very stubborn and resistant pathogens of bacterial, fungal and viral origin - no matter where in the body they took root.

Price of correction/data analysis/recording of wave medication

Bioresonance therapy + frequency compensation
100 EUR
1 session
Preparation of spectranozodes
15 EUR
1 drug
Analysis of dietary supplements or your pharmacy drugs
25 EUR
1 product (minimum order is 3 supplements or drugs/ 75 EUR)
Find the pharmacy drug in the LifeStream database
15 EUR
and if it is listed in the database by the manufacturer, write its wave equivalent to the matrix (1 drug)
Taking wave characteristics from a pharmacy drug and recording them on a matrix (1 drug)
25 EUR
in this case the pharmacy drug becomes informational and it has no side effects like a chemical drug
Food analysis
75 EUR
blood group analysis is required
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