Consultation on the results of bioresonance testing

My consultations are based on testing results only. If you have not been tested, there is no point in signing up for a consultation! All consultations are "live": phone, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram or in the office.
Primary Consultation *
extended consultation

The consultation lasts 60-90 minutes, during which time we will discuss all systems of your body: locomotor system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, nervous system, respiratory system, urogenital system (M/F), sensors, blood and lymph, endocrine system - totally 9 systems! In addition, we will review the results of the chromosome test (M/F).

370 EUR170 EUR ***

What's included?

Re-consultation **
brief consultation

The consultation lasts for 30-50 minutes (depends on the number of systems!). We will talk only about the problems in the body systems you have chosen for testing. We will discuss a correction scheme for your problem. (If you need analysis of more than 5 systems, this is an extended consultation).

Counseling packages

* Primary consultation is always based on the results of the analysis of all body systems.

** At re-consultations the client can choose the systems to be analyzed, because he/she already knows problematic systems in the body.

*** Discount is not permanent and can be canceled or reduced at any time!

The main questions of the consultation are:

  • Multi-factor analysis of system homeostasis (you will get information about the body's weak systems);
  • Analysis of changes in organ homeostasis (you will get information on weak body organs);
  • Diagnosis for the organ (information for the doctor to check further with standard protocols);
  • What you have been ill with in the past (previous illnesses, residual effects, toxins fixed in tissues (fibres, organ stroma, blood, lymph))
  • Psychological stress (impact of stress factors on exacerbation of chronic diseases);
  • Quantum analysis and mathematical models of the development of the pathological process in each of the organs listed below;
  • Microbiological biocenosis (which microorganisms "live" in the organ);
  • Biological activity of the microflora (what is the strength of the micro-organisms' influence on the organ);
  • Acid-alkaline balance (the presence of a certain kind of microbes in the body and their microbiological titer is a marker of acid-alkaline balance);
  • Stage of organ change (there are 6 stages of change in general, the last one being neoplasms, i.e. oncology);
  • Unhealthy foods;
  • Useful foods;
  • Organism's reaction to a toxic stress (irritants and allergens);
  • Body reaction to contaminants (toxic metals; nitrates, nitrites, nitrosoamines; histamine; pesticides; antibiotics; radionuclides; polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; dioxins; bacteria and bacterial toxins;mycotoxin);
  • Body reaction to food additives (chemicals specially added to food at different stages of its production, storage);
  • Body reaction to technogenic factors (vibration, geopathogenic stress, noise pollution, electromagnetic radiation from radiotelephones, electromagnetic radiation from a computer system unit, halogen lamps, air pollution, ionizing radiation, radiation from a microwave oven, a fluorescent lamp, high voltage wiring, radioactive stress from radioisotope irradiation, radioactive stress from X-ray irradiation, radio alarm clock, television device)
  • Balance of vital micronutrients in the body (calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, chromium, copper, iron, iodine, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, zinc);
  • Toxic trace elements in the body (mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium, barium, beryllium, platinum, strontium, zirconium, gallium, bismuth, thallium);
  • Chromosome analysis (each pair of chromosomes represents the degree of damage of a system at the time of the examination);
  • Genetic diseases (which disease is more likely to occur as a result of a family member suffering from the disease);
  • Prediction of possible complications in 1 year (what will happen with the health in a year if proper treatment is not administered);
  • Prognosis for possible complications in 5 years (what will happen with the health in 5 years if you do not take the right treatment)
  • Whether any medical attention is needed; which doctors should be consulted;
  • Whether additional diagnostic measures are needed;
  • Strategy for correcting the psychosomatic condition.

Counseling packages

VAT included
Basic testing
40 EUR

Basic testing

Express whole body monitoring

Bones and joints

Thoracic organs

Abdominal organs

Pelvic organs (M/F)

Longitudinal incision of the head

Transverse abdominal incision

VAT included
Musculoskeletal system
30 EUR

Musculoskeletal system

Skull (below)

Shoulder joint (right)

Shoulder joint (left)

Elbow joint (right)

Elbow joint (left)

Bones and ligaments of the wrist (right)

Bones and ligaments of the wrist (left)

Bones and ligaments of the pelvis

Hip joint (right)

Hip joint (left)

Knee joint (right)

Knee joint (left)

Ankle joint (right)

Ankle joint (left)

Bone tissue

Joint surface (tissue)

Lower jaw

Upper Jaw

Cervical vertebrae

Thoracic vertebrae

Lumbar vertebrae


VAT included
Cardiovascular system
30 EUR

Cardiovascular system


Heart valves

Outer layers of the heart wall (tissue)

The inner layers of the heart wall (tissue)

Nerves and vessels of the left shoulder

Cardiac conducting system

Vessels of the anterior wall of the heart

Vessels of the posterior wall of the heart

Arteries of the head and neck (right)

Arteries of the head and neck (left)

Nerves and vessels of the right shoulder

Nerves and vessels of the right hip

Nerves and vessels of the left hip

Head and neck veins (left)

Head and neck veins (right)

Veins of the large brain (right)

Veins of the large brain (left)

Veins of the lower leg (right)

Veins of the lower leg (left)

Vascular-nervous bundle (tissue)

Arterial vessel wall (tissue)

Venous vessel wall (tissue)

VAT included
Digestive System
30 EUR

Digestive System

Tongue (tissue)

Salivary glands (right)

Salivary glands (left)

Esophagus (tissue)

Posterior wall of the stomach (tissue)

Anterior wall of the stomach (tissue)

Stomach glands (tissue)

Pancreas (tissue)

Walls of the 12 finger intestine (tissue)

Small intestine

Small intestine wall (tissue)

Vessels of intestinal villi

Large intestine

Large intestine wall (tissue)

Cecum and appendix

Mesentery of the small and large intestine


Rectal wall (tissue)


Liver bar (tissue)


Gallbladder wall (tissue)

Bile duct wall (tissue)

VAT included
Nervous system
30 EUR

Nervous system

Spinal nerves (right)

Spinal nerves (left)

Spinal cord membranes


Medial surface of the brain

Brain ventricles (right)

Ventricles of brain (left)

Cranial nerves (right)

Cranial nerves (left)

Brain gray matter

Brain stem

Brain arteries

Brain Vessels

Brain membranes

Back nerves

Sympathetic ganglia

VAT included
Respiratory system
30 EUR

Respiratory system

Frontal head projection

Nasal mucosa

Trachea and bronchi

Larynx (tissue)

Neck ( tissue )

Bronchi (tissue)

Right lung

Left lung

Lungs and pleura

Pulmonary tissue

VAT included
Male urogenital system (M)
30 EUR

Male urogenital system (M)

Right kidney

Left kidney

Nephron (tissue)


Pelvic organs

Genitourinary organs


Bladder wall (tissue)

Prostate gland (tissue)

Urethra (tissue)

Testicle (left)

Testicle (right)

Seminal canal (tissue)

VAT included
30 EUR


Eyeball (right)

Eyeball (left)

Crystalline lens

Eyeball wall (tissue)

Optic nerve

Hearing organ (right)

Hearing organ (left)

Snail (right)

Snail (left)

Basic snail curl

Skin ( tissue )

Hair ( tissue )

Right mammary gland (F)

Left mammary gland (F)

VAT included
Blood & Lymph
30 EUR

Blood & Lymph


Spleen (tissue)

Palatine tonsil (tissue)

Red bone marrow (tissue)

Blood cells

Thymus gland

Thymus gland (tissue)

Mediastinal lymphatic vessels

Lymph node (tissue)

VAT included
Endocrine system
30 EUR

Endocrine system

Langerhans islet

Thyroid gland

Parathyroid gland

Parathyroid gland cells


Adrenal (right, tissue)

Adrenal (left, tissue)

Hypothalamic nuclei

Hypophysis (tissue)

Adenohypophysis (tissue)

Intermediate part of the pituitary gland (tissue)

Neurohypophysis (tissue)

Epiphysis (tissue)

VAT included
30 EUR


Chromosome test (M)

Chromosome test (F)

VAT included
Female Genitourinary System
30 EUR

Female Genitourinary System

Right kidney

Left kidney

Nephron (tissue)


Pelvic organs

Genitourinary organs


Bladder wall (tissue)

Fallopian mucosa (tissue)

Fallopian tube and ovary (right)

Fallopian tube and ovary (left)

Ovary (right, tissue)

Ovary (left, tissue)

Fallopian tube

Benefits when buying counseling
You save from 3000 EUR for a complete examination
on average, a set of diagnostic measures for 1 organ costs from 70 EUR and the upper limit of prices depends on the medical institution. In addition to saving money, you save several days of visiting specialized doctors and laboratories, and time, as you know, is priceless!
At the consultation I will offer you the most effective schemes for solving your problems.

Personal color therapy in combination with bioresonance therapy successfully helps even:

TO THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW (or can't find out) the cause of the disease. You've been on treatment for a long time, but there are no results or the situation is worse than it was!

TO THOSE WHO KNOW the causes of diseases, BUT CANNOT get rid of them and fully restore health with the help of medications or standard medical procedures!

TO THOSE WHO KNOW the causes of health problems, BUT DO NOT WANT to use medications with side effects and a long list of contraindications!

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