Bioresonance testing - Q&A

How to sign up for testing and how much does it cost?

You can get bioresonance testing only by visiting my office!

  1. Call +359876676502 and we will agree on the day and time of testing. Viber/ WhatsApp/Telegram works on this phone. You can chat on one of these apps.
  2. The first test lasts for 1 hour. During this time, the psychologist will collect your medical complaints, enter this data into the LifeStream program, explain to you the symbolic labeling of the graphs that you will observe on the screen throughout the testing, and run the test process.
  3. Repeat testing takes 15 to 40 minutes, time depending on the number of systems selected.
  4. Cost of the first testing (psychologist's time) 54 EUR*.
  5. Cost of repeat testing (psychologist's time) 36 EUR if up to 5 systems are tested, if more - 54 EUR*.
  6. The payment should be made in advance. If there is no payment 24 hours prior to the test, your entry will be cancelled.
  7. You will receive the details immediately after booking.
  8. It is advisable to choose a day when you will not be very tired (physically and emotionally).
  9. On the appointed day and hour, come to the office 10 minutes before the test.
  10. Do not be late! There are other clients after you! If you are more than 15 minutes late, your time will have to be rescheduled for another day!

* Price is indicative and subject to adjustment.

What will you do in the testing process?

Receiving information from the person being tested with the Sensitive Imago device is done through the following channels: hand electrodes (cylinder and plates), headphones (with SBA sensors), and quantum-optical modulator.

Before starting the computer program, sensory detectors are attached to the hands of the client. On the head, the SBA-sensors, built into the headphones, are put on. This procedure is absolutely safe and harmless!

This signal coming from the body is transmitted through the above described channels to the device and then to the computer, where it is processed by the LifeStream software. The waveform obtained as a result of processing is the complete information about all processes occurring in the organism.

In fact, during testing you will sit in a comfortable chair and watch the progress of testing on the monitor. It is very pleasant and fascinating!

How long does it take to process test results?

It usually takes 48 hours to transcribe your test. When the test is complete, we will arrange a consultation date.

Benefits of bioresonance testing in evaluating psychosomatic health.

No side effects, absolutely safe, no invasion of the body

No analyses or painful medical procedures: the program analyses the electromagnetic waves of the client's organ cells and finds out the frequencies of pathogens (microorganism, allergen, fungus, virus), and causes of diseases.

The accuracy of testing is 96%! Your cells know better than anyone the state of health of all organs and systems, and are happy to share this information with you!

Consultation is conducted by a qualified psychologist (Master of Science), who will answer all your questions and give recommendations for further action plan;

Absolutely confidential!

You get a full overview of all your body organs - not every medical center offers this kind of comprehensive diagnostics;

You save from 3000 EUR on full examination - the average package of diagnostic measures of one organ costs from 100 EUR and the upper limit of the price depends on the medical institution. In addition to saving money, you save several days of visits to specialized doctors and laboratories, and time, as you know, is priceless;

COMPLEX APPROACH: The body is an integrated whole, and diseases of some organs disturb the functioning of all the others. Chronic pain, hypertension, insomnia, excess weight, allergies, constant fatigue, depression - only a short list of problems successfully solved by bioresonance therapy and holistic approach to restore health;

NO "HOSPITAL STRESS": With us you won't have the "charms" of taking care of your health, like waiting in a doctor's office, the danger of contracting viral diseases (COVID19), unpleasant odors, rude hospital staff, oppressive atmosphere of being in the company of sick people;

PERSONAL BIO RESONANCE THERAPY CURSES restore the health of an organ on a cellular level. These courses have no side effects or contraindications, perfectly combined with proper medical therapy.

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