Consultation on the results of color testing

My consultations are based on testing results only. If you have not been tested, there is no point in signing up for a consultation! All consultations are "live": phone, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram or in the office.
Primary Consultation *
extended consultation

Consultation lasts 90 minutes. During this time you will receive complete information about your psychosomatic health. We will discuss the scheme of correction of your problem. You will be able to ask questions and get qualified answers.

250 EUR150 EUR ***

What's included?

General information (80 EUR) + Psychological profile of the person (120 EUR) + Parsing psychosomatic processes in body organs (140 EUR) + Cognitive brain functions (80 EUR) + Rating of functional body systems (80 EUR)
Re-consultation **
brief consultation

The consultation lasts 30-55 minutes (it depends on the information package!). We will only talk about the problems in the information packages you choose. We will discuss the scheme of correction of your problem.

Counseling packages

* Primary Consultation is always based on the results of the analysis of all body systems.

** At re-consultation the client can choose the information packages for the analysis

*** Special discount is not permanent and may be canceled or reduced at any time!

The main questions of the "live" consultation:

  • what stage of psychosomatic damage you are in;
  • what negative emotions you experience most often;
  • what negative character traits support these emotions;
  • tendency to unmotivated emotional outbursts;
  • neurotic reactions in the tested person;
  • what organs of the body are under stress;
  • what medical complaints the psychosomatic stress may manifest;
  • whether there are psycho-oncological risks, if any, for which body organs;
  • what is your pathological emotional system;
  • what is your pathological functional system;
  • whether medical assistance other than a medical psychologist is needed;
  • whether additional diagnostic measures are needed;
  • strategy for correcting the psychosomatic condition in your case.

Counseling packages

VAT included
General Information
30 minutes/ 40 EUR

General Information

Aging speed (calendar and biological age)

The test determines the biological age and compares it to the calendar age. If the former is less than the latter, it means that the aging process is slowed; if, on the contrary, the aging process is accelerated.

Psycho-oncological risks (organs with signs of processes that support cell development with loss of fission control)

Cancer always starts with psychosomatic abnormalities. The test analyzes organs for a growth rate of young cells.

Heiflick Limit.

An additional indicator of biological aging processes that lets you know how they occur in your body specifically.

Signs of processes that support the development of cells that create defective proteins

An additional marker by which we judge the development of psycho-oncological processes.

Signs of increased tissue blood flow

An indicator of inflammation in your body.

Signs of changes in tissue innervation

Indicator of the supply of your body organs and tissues with nerves.

Morphological condition of the body

Pathological emotional system (PES)

Pathological emotional system (PES) is a set of destructive qualities and personality traits that form inadequate personal behavior, inadequate assessment of life situations, leads the owner to stressful life situations. They are a trigger mechanism for psychosomatic diseases.

VAT included
Psychological Profile of the Person
40 minutes/ 60 EUR

Psychological Profile of the Person

Psychological profile of the personality

Color testing reveals key psychological features of your personality and determines their impact on the development of psychosomatic disorders.










Readiness to argue

Desire to analyse




Public consciousness





Fear of poverty

Fear of death

Respect for people










Interest in others








Fear of being old

Pursuit of Authority





Fear of criticism













Fear of illness




Total for this section: 60 indicators

VAT included
Parsing psychosomatic processes in body organs
55 minutes/ 70 EUR

Parsing psychosomatic processes in body organs

Brain (20 indicators)

Stomach (15 indicators)

Blood and peripheral vessels (18 indicators)

Mammary gland (F) (16 indicators)

Nose (19 indicators)

Liver (18 indicators)

Penis (M) (13 indicators)

Spleen (17 indicators)

Large intestine (18 indicators)

Thyroid (17 indicators)

Pituitary gland (13 indicators)

Gallbladder (20 indicators)

Lungs and bronchi (18 indicators)

Bladder (17 indicators)

Musculoskeletal system (16 indicators)

Esophagus (16 indicators)

Kidneys (18 indicators)

Heart (19 indicators)

Small intestine (15 indicators)

Testicles (M) (13 indicators)

12 duodenum (15 indicators)

Skin (21 indicators)

Uterus and appendages (F) (19 indicators)

Adrenals (16 indicators)

Peripheral nervous system (14 indicators)

Pancreas (16 indicators)

Prostate (M) (15 indicators)

Spinal cord (15 indicators)

Ear (15 indicators)

Ovaries (F) (14 indicators)

Total for this section: 496 indicators

VAT included
Cognitive Brain Functions
30 minutes/ 40 EUR

Cognitive Brain Functions

Assessment of cognitive brain function

Assessment of brain functions is the determination of the deviation of information perception, information processing, information analysis, and information processing speed from the evolutionary and individual norm. Any of the functions can be either below or above normal. Depending on the magnitude of the deviation, changes in functions can lead to pathological stimulation, excitation, inhibition, or paralysis of the brain's electrochemical processes.  This assessment is needed to understand the risks of DEMENSION and moderate cognitive impairment accompanied by symptoms such as increased fatigue when performing mental work, decreased memory, attention, or learning ability that do not reach the degree of dementia.



Associative thinking and memory

Applying the image

Dominant function

VAT included
Rating of functional body systems
30 minutes/ 40 EUR

Rating of functional body systems

Rating of functional systems of the organism according to the degree of decrease of pathological signals in them.

The human body consists of several functional systems. A functional system is a set of organs and tissues, regulation mechanisms (nerves, chemicals) and the central nervous system. These systems ensure the normal functioning of the entire body and its adaptation to changing environmental conditions. At the consultation, you will learn which organs make up each system and how healthy your body's functional systems are.

System that maintains the optimal cellular composition of the blood.

System that provides an optimal volume of circulating blood.

System that maintains an optimal РН level.

System that determines the optimal level of osmotic pressure in the body.

System that maintains optimal blood glucose levels.

System that maintains optimal blood pressure levels.

System that maintains optimal digestive performance.

System that maintains optimal values of respiratory parameters.

System that maintains optimal body temperature.

System that maintains an optimal level of excretion.

System that supports optimal sexual function.

System that maintains an optimal position of the body in space.

System that maintains an optimal sleep mode.

Total for this section: 13 indicators

VAT included
Pathological functional system
0 minutes/ 15 EUR
(for bioresonance)

Pathological functional system

Pathological Functional System (PFS)

Watch the video for understanding

The functional system most severely affected by PFS activity.

A functional system is a set of organs and tissues, regulatory mechanisms (nerves, chemicals) and the central nervous system. These systems ensure normal functioning of the whole organism and its adaptation to changing environmental conditions.

Pathological functional system affects one of the functional systems of the human body. There are a total of 14 functional systems in the human body. Human health complaints come from the affected FUS, but they are caused by PFS.

Benefits when buying counseling

You save from 3000 EUR for a complete examination

on average, a set of diagnostic measures for 1 organ costs from 80 EUR and the upper limit of prices depends on the medical institution. In addition to saving money, you save several days of visiting specialized doctors and laboratories, and time, as you know, is priceless!

During the consultation I will offer you the most effective color correction courses for your problems

They act as a sedative pill, but without the side effects of chemical drugs! When a person calms down, the body begins to heal itself, as the function of self-healing is a natural function of the human body. These courses have no side effects or contraindications, perfectly combined with proper medical therapy.

Personal color therapy successfully helps even:

TO THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW (or can't find out) the cause of the disease. You've been on treatment for a long time, but there are no results or the situation is worse than it was!

TO THOSE WHO KNOW the causes of diseases, BUT CANNOT get rid of them and fully restore health with the help of medications or standard medical procedures!

TO THOSE WHO KNOW the causes of health problems, BUT DO NOT WANT to use medications with side effects and a long list of contraindications!

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