Color testing - questions and answers

How do I book an appointment for color testing and how much does it cost?

1. There are two ways to take the «All Colors of Life» test:

A) Visit my office.

B) Connect to the server via the Internet and take the test online.

Attention: The test requires a laptop or desktop computer! It is inconvenient and not recommended to pass the test on small screens of cell phones!

2. Call +359876676502 and we will arrange a day and time for color testing. Viber / WhatsApp / Telegram works on this phone. You can chat in one of these applications.

3. The test lasts for 1 hour. During this time you will learn how to do testing (5 minutes), do a practice test (20 minutes), do the main test (30 minutes). There is a 5 minute break between the main test and the practice test. You can use this time for personal use or to ask the psychologist a question about the test.

4. Before the test, you need to install a remote computer access program. You will receive a link to it after you reserve your testing time.

5. The cost of color testing (psychologist's time) is 54 EUR*.

6. Payment must be made in advance. If the payment is not made 24 hours before the test, your appointment is cancelled.

7. You will receive the requisites right after the reservation.

8. It is preferable to choose a day when you will not be very tired (physically and emotionally).

9. Resolve all technical issues in advance - install Telegram / Viber / WhatsApp / program for remote access!

10. Study the instructions on how the testing takes place. You'll get them right after booking your time.

11. On the appointed day and hour, the session will start 10 minutes before the test so that we can check the quality of the connection.

12. Everything is ready for the color testing to take place. Let's get started!

13. Don't be late! There are other clients after you! If you are more than 15 minutes late, your time will have to be rescheduled for another day!

* Price is indicative and subject to adjustment.

What will you do in the testing process?

«All Colors of Life» software shows 3 to 9 video clips to the client.  The clips are shown one at a time. The client finishes the current clip and the system shows the next one. 

Each clip is shown for 15 seconds. During this time, the client has to remember the color palette of the video clip (nature scenes, animals in nature). After 15 seconds the color palette changes and the color keys appear - Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Cyan and Purple.

Using these keys - adding or subtracting the desired colors - the client restores the palette as close to the original as possible. When the client is satisfied with the result, he/she fixes his/her choice by pressing the "OK" button.

Thus, the individual characteristics of the client's color perception are determined. When testing is complete, the program calculates a personal color perception model, taking into account the client's biological data - age, gender and weight. Based on this model the program sees the information about which organs' disorders have led to changes in color perception. No special knowledge of color mixing is required, everything happens intuitively.

How long does it take to analyze test results?

It usually takes 48 hours to transcribe your test. When the test is complete, we will arrange a consultation date.

The advantages of color testing in assessing psychosomatic health.

Color testing at home (online) in 30 minutes

Testing accuracy is 94%! Your brain, knows best the state of health of all organs and systems, and with the help of special color testing will gladly share this information with you!

No analysis or painful procedures: the program analyzes a person's color perception, finds out which colors are in excess or deficient, and based on this data builds a personal color perception model. On the basis of this model the program sees color etalons of diseases and psychological problems of the person.

Consultation is conducted by a qualified psychologist (Master of Science), who will answer all your questions and make recommendations for further action plan;

Absolutely confidential! Thanks to the online collaboration you will never be seen leaving the doctor's office by unwanted people;

You get a full picture of 60 psychological qualities of personality and their influence on the health of 30 major organs of the body (more than 600 health parameters!). Not every medical center conducts this full diagnostic;

You will learn how your brain works and whether your cognitive functions are normal, and whether there is a risk of dementia or Alzheimer's disease;

You will learn psycho-oncological risks - which organs of the body are at risk for cancer problems;

You will learn the speed of aging - your real biological age;

You save from 3000 EUR on full diagnostics - the average complex of diagnostics of one organ costs from 100 EUR and the upper limit of the price depends on the medical institution. In addition to saving money, you save several days of visiting specialized doctors and laboratories, and time, as you know, is priceless;

COMPLEX APPROACH: The body is an integrated whole, and diseases of some organs disturb the functioning of all the others. Chronic pain, hypertension, insomnia, excess weight, allergies, constant fatigue, depression - only a small list of problems successfully solved by the color and holistic approach to health restoration;

NO "HOSPITAL STRESS": With us you won't have the "beauties" of taking care of your health, such as the waiting in a doctor's office, the danger of contracting viral diseases (COVID19), unpleasant smells, rude hospital staff, the oppressive atmosphere of being in the company of sick people;

PERSONAL COLOR CORRECTION Cures act as a sedative pill, but without the side effects of chemical drugs! When a person calms down, the body begins to heal itself, as the function of self-healing is a natural function of the human body. These courses have no side effects or contraindications, perfectly combined with proper medical therapy.

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