Cyber Stretching

Personal Color Correction viewing through virtual reality glasses during a workout on PRAVILO!
Try an incredibly effective set of training and stretching for the back, neck, muscles, joints, stress relief, body health and posture correction. A boost of positive energy and a good mood is guaranteed!
What is PRAVILO?

Pravilo is a system of gentle stretching of the spine, neck, muscles and joints, recovery of the musculoskeletal system and release of psychosomatic tension. During the exercises gently restores the spine, joints, muscles and ligaments. After stretching improves posture, well-being, gait and voice. Mood improves, the body becomes easier, there is cheerfulness, there is a burst of strength and energy. The equipment promotes flexibility and elasticity of the joints and spine, the elasticity of muscles. Pravilo an excellent way to reduce pain in scoliosis, sciatica and arthritis. Exercises contribute to the treatment and prevention of intervertebral protrusions and hernias.

Its effect is unique, the words do not convey it, it must try! Pravilo is harmony of body and soul!

Fitness coach or psychologist?

I propose to combine the workout of a fitness coach and a medical psychologist, and get unique results in the recovery of body and soul!

As we get older, we "lose" the body, there's not enough time to take care of it! Usually people choose between a fitness coach and a psychologist. If you choose a trainer you can become more attractive physically, or you may not (it depends on many factors!). However, a fitness instructor will not help with solving the problems in your head! Today science knows that even obesity has a psychosomatic nature: the fat is a mental defense, the fat on the body says that a person resents life and other people! And how can a coach help you to solve this problem? Nothing...in most cases!

My personal workouts are unique!

During the workout actively involves the deeper layers of the human psyche by viewing the personal color correction and working out the muscles of the whole body!

What is personal color correction?

If you haven't already studied the material on this site, the answer is here:
Exercise on the Pravilo works the main muscle groups:
  • abs,
  • chest muscles,
  • broad back,
  • obliques and rhomboids,
  • quadriceps femoris,
  • biceps femoris.

It is now known that stress is "recorded" in the fascial and muscular systems of the body in the form of spasms! When a person watches a personal color correction, he reduces the level of mental stress, and stretching on Pravilo effectively relieves muscle cramps and reduces physical pain.

The biofeedback principle works: reduce mental stress >>> reduce muscle spasm, and vice versa: reduce muscle spasm >>> reduce mental stress!

Released energy restores the immune, reproductive and hormonal systems of the human organism, health improves!

No fitness coach will ever offer you such workout!
If you are a fitness professional and want to offer your clients "Cyber Stretching" you need to be trained and certified in this training method, as well as buy Pravilo.

Exercises at Pravilo are 60 minutes of individual work with an instructor

I only do individual workouts so that you have the opportunity to work with your personal needs and receive maximum attention and support throughout each session. Each workout is built on 5 basic principles: safety, monitoring your well-being, working with breathing and attention, and relieving physical and emotional tension.

Additional services

NEW! Bioresonance testing of fitness supplements!  Want an athletic body? Then stop taking supplements that are bad for your health! Now you can find out if the sports supplements you take have any negative side effects! In addition, you can determine the dose and frequency of any sports supplement with mathematical precision.


How long does exercising take to have an effect?

In general, we can say that most often practitioners note tangible changes after 8-10 sessions, but it is necessary to consider the individual anatomico-physiological and psychophysical features of each person, the scale of your exercise goal and regularity. Many practitioners have been exercising for more than one year, as training has become an integral part of their lives.


Is this exercise appropriate for girls?
Yes, it is. Exercises will be useful for both men and women.
Is there an age limit?
No, it all depends on the willingness and readiness of the person practicing. We've noticed that usually all restrictions are in the head, not in age :)
My back hurts. Will this help me?
We know from experience that exercise helps to relieve pain and, in time, to get rid of it altogether. We cannot predict what the result of your exercises will be.
How to dress for the activity?

For the workout you will be comfortable in sportswear: T-shirt, shorts or leggings, socks are optional, shoes are not necessary. Please remove large rings, earrings, watches and bracelets before.

How often can I practice?

At the initial stage - up to 20 sessions - we recommend exercising at least once a week, and then - to decide according to your feelings or to consult a coach.

Between training sessions we recommend to take a break of at least two days, so that the body has time to rest and recover.

Can I exercise if I am overweight?
Being overweight interferes with exercising. If you have more than 10 extra pounds, you need to reduce your weight first.
Will it be painful?
The sensations during practice can be unfamiliar and therefore may be perceived as uncomfortable or painful. Observing yourself, your feelings and thoughts is an important part of the practice, so let's see how your perception of feelings and your own body will begin to change after a few sessions.
Are there any contraindications?

We do not recommend practicing if you have:

  • spinal fractures; recent limb fractures, sprains, bruises; metal implants in the body;
  • lack of ligaments or shortened ligaments in the upper limb;
  • postoperative period;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • mental illness and disorders;
  • period of exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • menstruation period;
  • pregnancy;
  • general malaise and temperature.


Can I exercise after eating?
You can exercise either on an empty stomach or 2-3 hours after a meal. It is desirable that this meal should be moderate (a portion of no more than 250 grams).

The main effects of workouts

The dead weight simultaneously stretches and relaxes the large and small muscles in the shoulder girdle, back, abdomen and legs. Such uniform traction is healthy and possible only on the PRAVILO.
Ligaments and tendons
After the muscles adapt to the exercises, the ligaments and tendons start to work. The strength and endurance of the body increases, because the tendon capacity is greater than that of the muscle.
Blood & Lymph
By removing physical blocks and clamps during exercise, we activate the circulatory and lymphatic systems. This improves the circulation of the brain and the whole body and helps to eliminate toxins.

Fascia is the most flexible connective tissue that covers organs, vessels, nerves, and forms muscle sheaths in humans. Muscular fascia provides gliding of muscles, sets the position of internal organs, transmits movement from muscles to bones, and much more. Fascial tissue adhesions lead to poor joint mobility, impaired movement coordination, muscle overload, and, as a result, pain. In addition, there may be violations of the internal organs and other body systems due to compression of blood vessels and nerves.

Exercises help "soften" the fascial tissue and restore the muscles' sliding function. All body systems, including the digestive and nervous systems, receive an additional blood supply and nutrient inflow, and tight muscles relax and become elastic and resilient again.

Emotional state

By releasing tension from the body, you improve your psycho-emotional state.

According to Wilhelm Reich's theory, muscle clamping is the body's "defense" against painful feelings and experiences, which turns into a "muscle shell," causing discomfort when moving and breathing, pain and sickness in various parts of the body. The exercises help the body to relax and get rid of muscle clamps.

The price of services

35 EUR
For 60 minutes you will learn about the peculiarities of the practice, the instructor will diagnose your body, choose an individual training program and suggest 2-3 exercises on the simulator, suitable for you.
65 EUR
Duration 60 min
299 EUR
Valid for 6 weeks from the purchase date. Recommended practice rhythm: 2 times a week.
Rent virtual reality glasses
10 EUR
Duration 60 minutes (this service requires color testing and the purchase of a personal color correction course)
Bioresonance testing of fitness supplements
15 EUR

Price for 1 supplement
Minimum order quantity 4 supplements or 60 EUR

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