Aggressiveness, like any quality of personality, is a particular combination of inter-neuronal connections in the brain. These connections, to a certain extent, are plastic and are formed in the course of life depending on the circumstances. There appear certain patterns of behavior and reactions to situations, which can be corrected and changed.

Positive aggressiveness

Overcoming obstacles without the intent to harm others is an example of positive aggression. Constructive aggressiveness is understood as a proactive, action-oriented approach to life, inquisitiveness and healthy curiosity, the ability to establish and maintain productive interpersonal contacts despite possible contradictions, the ability to form one's own life goals and objectives and implement them even in unfavorable life circumstances, to have and defend one's ideas, opinions, points of view, thereby engaging in constructive discussions.

Lack of positive aggression is subjectively compensated by fantasies, unrealistic plans and dreams. It is not easy for a person without positive aggression to change their mind independently, without assistance and support. It is difficult for the person to notice their shortcomings, especially if they help them to survive, bring personal benefit and are habitual. A harmoniously developed personality should possess a certain degree of positive aggressiveness. The needs of individual development and social life should form in people the ability to remove obstacles, and sometimes even to physically overcome what prevents one from living to the fullest. Lack of positive aggressiveness leads to malleability, inability to take an active position in life, to explain one's point of view and to realize one's life scenario.

Destructive Aggression

At the same time, the excessive development of aggression of the accentuation type begins to define the personality as conflicted, incapable of social cooperation. In its extreme, destructive aggression is pathological! Aggression becomes a habitual mode of behavior, manifesting itself in unjustified hostility, spitefulness, cruelty and negativism.

Testing will show what type of aggression characterizes your psyche: positive or destructive, and a medical psychologist will explain how aggression affects your health and success in life.
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