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Sensitiv Imago 530 is a computer technology for diagnosing a person's psychosomatic health.

When working with Sensitiv Imago 530 a bioresonance diagnostics is carried out, which allows to reveal various psychosomatic states of a person.

Sensitiv Imago 530 works on the principle of frequency-wave imprinting test. The open vibration circuit of the person radiates weak electromagnetic waves, which are registered by electrodes and inductors.

The Sensitiv Imago 530 device collects information with hand electrodes (cylinder and plates), headphones (with SBA-sensors), quantum optical modulator. The signal emitted by the body is transmitted through the indicated channels to the device and then to the computer, where it is processed by special software, which results in a wave characteristic with complete information about all the processes occurring in the client's body. On this basis the computer program determines the probability of a particular psychosomatic process.

Bioresonance diagnostics is absolutely safe and is not used to monitor vital physiological indicators of the body and is not a medical technology. The data obtained with its help is not of a medical examination and does not serve to make medical diagnoses. It does not cancel a personal consultation with your doctor or pharmacist and is not a reason for stopping or changing a prescribed course of treatment.

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