Code of Youth

A unique course of color correction
Course duration: 12 months
Price: expensive, depends on the condition of the body and the speed of aging
It's not important what was. The important is what will be. There was youth, there will be old age. There was a certain predominance of health - there will be a clear predominance of disease. And if the process of aging has begun - it will only gain momentum. It is an inevitability!

Look at the chart below to understand the aging process:

Destruction of the organism of the born human being occurs not by hours, days, months and even by separate years of the lived life, but cohesively, by periods: from 1 to 10 years; from 11 to 24 years; from 25 to 38 years; from 39 to 52 years; from 53 to 66 years; from 67 to 80 years and from 81 to 94 years. This is confirmed by the same rate of regeneration of the same type of lesions in each individual within a particular 10 -13-year period. Transition from one stage to another stage of organism's homeostasis is carried out discretely, by leaps and bounds.

And only the technology of intelligent cyber training "Code of Youth" allows you to actively resist this inevitability.

Old age cannot be stopped! But old age can be survived!

For example, in the northern hemisphere of the Earth, there is winter and the cold is an inevitability. But modern technology (clothing, home heating) can make fun of it. Reconstructing the biological age is about quality clothing and home heating during the winter. And when winter is over, there is "spring just around the corner"!

The aging process (like everything else in this world) is finite. It ends after the age of 94.

Consequently, we only need to keep the body in the best possible condition until this age. Further on - a person continues life without aging.

Duration and quality of further life depend on the state of the organism at the time of reaching the age of 94.

Thus it is right to start the program "Code of Youth" in the period of 24-38, when the process of aging just begins. Or at a mature age (38-63), when the body still has plenty of natural resources. But also for the age (63 - 94) the use of cyber training gives great advantages for increasing the natural resources of the body and increasing the length of further life.

The main goal is to survive old age without getting sick!

The course of color correction «Code of Youth" is a complex of measures for "switching" the functional capabilities of your body into the mode of correspondence to the age period of 24-38 years.

The personal color-perception model determines your biological age, compares it with the calendar age, and calculates your individual aging rate.

Your calendar age is your passport age. Biological age is your real age, a measure of your health and the degree of "wear and tear" of your body.

Biological age is determined by metabolic, structural, functional, regulatory peculiarities and adaptive possibilities of the organism.

With the help of calendar age and pathological signals determined with the help of a personal color-perception model it is possible to judge the speed of aging of a person.

  • At the age of 25-35 years it is allowed to have pathological signals from 2-3 sources (internal organs). This is a conditional norm.
  • At the age of 35-45 years, 4-6 sources are acceptable. There are conditional norms for each age interval.

For example, if your calendar age is 32 and the color perception model shows 6 sources of pathological signals, it means, that the ageing is going faster than it should be. The biological age is greater than the calendar age, you are only 32, but the "weariness" of the body can be 44, for example!

After that it is possible to calculate the current configuration of neural connections of the brain responsible for accelerated biological aging, and then using color waves to "set" a new neural configuration of the brain, in which the processes of biological aging will slow down.

What will happen when you view the course?

I've been watching this course for over 10 years, every day! This is how I was, and this is how I've become! It is difficult and long to explain what happens to a person in the process of working with color, especially since I use not only color correction in my work! But I can say with confidence that color correction brings order to the head and body! If you can afford it, I recommend it!

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I would like to take a special colour test and attend a consultation to create a personal colour correction course " Code of Youth ". The cost of the testing and consultation is 270 EUR. The cost of the course of correction will be determined based on the results of the test. Long-term experience with the product shows that the price of the course varies from 3,500 to 5,000 EUR for 12 months of special colour correction.

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